Step Up for Down Syndrome 2020

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As an employee of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St Louis, I am blessed every day by individuals with Down syndrome! It is so important to me to help make the lives of people with DS the best that they can be. I love the services we offer and that we work to make all aspects of life inclusive.

I have the honor of calling Chris Pfeiffer my friend. He has helped be become the person I am today by teaching me to love people with Down syndrome. We grew up together and we have been friends our whole life! He is one of the main reasons I do what I love. He has taught me so much and I adore our friendship. I am so lucky to have so many friends with Down syndrome and I have the joy and pleasure of sharing life with them! 

Through your donations the DSAGSL can provide amazing programs and services such as new family support, DSAGSL Rocks!, DS Education Specialist Program, Employment, and so much more. I am excited to see what the DSAGSL will do next!

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The mission of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis is to benefit the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families through individual and family support, education, public awareness and advocacy. For more information about us, please visit or call our office at (314) 961-2504. Thank you!

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