Step Up for Down Syndrome 2021

Cupcake's Crew

In 2018, when we found out we were having a girl, we started thinking of names and asked Lyla for some suggestions.  Without missing a beat, Lyla said "Cupcake!" and from that moment forward, that's how we referred to our baby girl during the pregnancy.  Every time we called her that, it would make us smile.  To be honest, thinking of sweet baby "Cupcake" also took the focus away from the feelings of fear and uncertainty surrounding her diagnosis.  

Looking back, we had no idea how quickly those concerns would leave the moment we met our little Cupcake. Tess ("Cupcake") can light up a room with her smile and she doesn't know a stranger.  She enjoys giving hugs, blowing kisses, and she loves exponentially deeper than most typical children.  Does she have challenges? Yes.  But we know we can work through them due to the love and support of our amazing family and friends.  We have have also been blessed with the wonderful support of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis (DSAGSL).  The staff at DSAGSL were there to answer questions and provide support as soon as we received Tess's diagnosis and have been there ever since. 

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The mission of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis is to benefit the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families through individual and family support, education, public awareness and advocacy. For more information about us, please visit or call our office at (314) 961-2504. Thank you!

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